Pergola Shade Systems

A Pergola Shading system offers the convenience of a retractable awning roof, yet they offer moderate durability from inclement weather like rain and wind. The systems can also be fitted with roll down screens for extra weather protection.

All models are custom built to fit each area. The fabric is manufactured in one piece, even on wider awnings to prevent water leaking. Wider units therefore have multiple framing supports added to ensure a strong framework. Multiple units can a lso be mounted together with a gutter system in between for even wider widths. An integrated guttering system avoids water leakage.

The Pergola can be mounted to most walls and decks. It can even be constructed as a free-standing module on your deck or concrete pad.

Some smaller systems can be manually operated with a hand crank. Larger systems are conveniently operated with an integrated tubular motor and are conveniently controlled with a hand held remote. With the remote the Pergol a units
will extend and retract automatically.

Now you can utilize your patio area during fierce mid-day sun and inclement weather.

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