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From full-featured awnings to affordable entry-level models, the NuImage and Durasol family of retractable awnings have what you're looking for.  Providing on-demand solar protection, retractable awnings expand your home beyond its walls.  With the touch of a button or spin of a crank, these awnings transform your deck, patio, or terrace into an attractive and comfortable expanded living space.

A retractable awning provides a high level of UV protection, allowing everyone to stay outdoors longer without concern of the harmful effects of the sun.  You'll enjoy worry-free, outdoor living and experience elegant, on-demand solar protection with easy, push-button convinience.  Virtually maintenance-free and self-storing, you can add lasting value to your home with a well made retractable awning.

Hundreds of fabrics are available - choose from solids, tailored stripes or distinctive patterns. Made with 100% solution-dyed acrylic (including Sunbrella, Dickson and Sattler/Gottschalk) to stay bright and to resist fading, the elements and moisture.  Sewn with Gore Tenara thread for superior, long-lasting UV protection.

Retractable awnings can be mounted on most flat surfaces on a home or business as well as under a soffit or eave, or on a roof.  Most retractable systems require a minimum mounting height of 8’ (depending on the projection away from the house/building).

Price ranges are based on many factors. These include standard versus custom-sized product, custom–manufacturing, professional installation, product options, unit size, etc. A typical homeowner can expect to invest between $2,000 and $4,000, but as mentioned, many factors come into play concerning pricing.

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