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We use only the best 100% solution-dyed acrylics including fabrics manufactured by Sunbrella, Dickson and Sattler, high quality polyesters and vinyls including Ferrari, Herculite, Patio 500 and Weathertyte and acrylic coated polyesters including Main Street.

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Skin Cancer Foundation Recommended

Solution-dyed acrylic:

Most fabrics are created from fibers that are initially colorless, and then dyed. With solution-dyed acrylic fabrics (a process developed in Europe in the 1950’s), the coloring actually takes place before the yarn is ever created. A liquid acrylic solution is combined with precisely-determined colors, and this colored liquid is then extruded and transformed into fiber. The fiber never exists in a colorless state; it’s inherently a liquid acrylic-and-color blend. This fiber is then spun into yarn, using a complex process that prevents color contamination.

The net effect is that instead of weaving yarn made of dyed fibers, solution-dyed acrylic fabrics are created from yarn already permeated with color; essentially, the fabric IS the color. A soft yet vibrant fabric, acrylic offers the aesthetics of cotton but is resistant to UV light, mildew and water.  The loose weave makes it highly breathable, so hot air and moisture will not be trapped.

The most popular acrylic we use is Sunbrella® brand fabric. It is a solution-dyed acrylic that is water resistant, fade resistant and rot resistant. It has been given the "Seal of Recommendation" from The Skin Cancer Foundation, the only global organization concerned exclusively to the cancer of the skin. It also shields you from the sun's harmful UV rays, so you can enjoy the outdoors in comfort knowing you are protected.  For more information about Sunbrella® fabrics please visit their fabric showroom by clicking here.  To read about the Sunbrella® fabric warranty click here.  To read about the care and cleaning of your Sunbrella® brand fabric click here.

Sattler fabric is another popular solution-dyed acrylic that we use.  For more information about Sattler fabrics please visit their website.  Use Sattler's Awning Finder to experience the color palette of Sattler's solution-dyed acrylic fabric and find your favorite awning by choosing from a wide array of patterns.  Selectable facades enable you to see how the fabrics integrate with different backgrounds.  Change the type and color of the wall according to your needs and choose the most suitable awning.  Click here to go to Sattler's Awning Finder.


Tenara threadWe use Gore™ Tenara® sewing thread, it is meant to enhance the life of your awning. Gore™ Tenara® sewing thread is made from 100% expanded PTFE (PolyTetraFlouroEthylene). Gore™ Tenara® thread is completely resistant to UV sunlight, and won't diminish from continuous sun exposure. It is also unaffected by cleaning Gore Threadsproducts, saltwater, extreme weather temperatures so its colors won't fade, and it won't rot or mold. Click here to download Tenara's limited lifetime warranty.