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The quality of the awning frame can dramatically affect the durability and appearance of your awning.  In the fabrication of our welded frames, we use high-strength galvanized steel tubing called Gatorshield® manufactured by Allied Tube and Conduit.  Gatorshield® tubing is given superior corrosion resistance by a patented triple layer, in-line Flo-Coat® process.  Coatings of zinc and chromate are applied, then a clear polymer topcoat seals the surface.  The result is unmatched, long-lasting rust and corrosion protection.  From inland to the beach Gatorshield® tubing will fight against the rust giving your awning frame a longer life.











There are several different ways to anchor or attach awning frames to your building or home.  The method of attachment depends on where the awning is mounted, the design of the building, and how strong the mounting surface is.

We primarily use steel Z-brackets for awning attachment.  The Z-bracket can be attached to your building or home using a through bolt, expansion anchor, adhesive anchor, wood lag screw or concrete anchor.  Two examples of a Z-bracket installation are shown below: